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How to Place an Order

Step 1

1) To place an order, go to the “Order an Animal” page.

How to Use the SMS Functionality

The following SMS messages can be sent to +18176685644, where XXXXXX is the order number.

XXXXXX STATUS To get the status of your order as “on-hold, “processing” or “completed” along with the quantity and names associated with the order.
XXXXXX GO or just XXXXXX To confirm that you have completed your Rami so your order can be processed. You can send this SMS from any cell number and you will get the notifications back on that same number*
XXXXXX NUMUPDATE To set the current cell number you have sent the SMS from, as the number on file for your order.
XXXXXX NUMVIEW To view the current number that SMS notifications will be sent to.

* You need to have selected Tarteeb option on the checkout page to use this option.

How to Pick up the Meat

Step 1: Place an order for an animal.
“How to Place an Order”

How to Be Present at the Slaughtering

Step 1: Place an order for an animal.
“How to Place an Order”

How to get to Hajj Solutions (Directions)

Hajj Solutions is located within the boundary of Makkah.
How to get there:
The easiest way to get to Hajj Solutions, from Mina, during Hajj time is by taking a taxi. You can tell the taxi to take you to “Souq Al-Mawashi Kilo 10″ (Kilo 10 Animal Market).
The exact location is: Hanger 356, Souq Al-Mawashi Kilo 10 Al Lith Road, Makkah.

Help the Needy
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Expiate your Mistakes
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Common Questions

Where is Qurbani done?

Qurbani is done inside Makkah (Hudood Haram). Exact Location

What time will my Qurbani be done?

If you select Tarteeb at Checkout, you will need to SMS us after you do your Rami. After that you will get an immediate reply with the approximate time your qurbani will be completed (normally between 30 mins to 2 hours). Also, when your Qurbani is actually completed, you will get another SMS. If you do not select Tarteeb, your Qurbani will be done on the 10th before Maghrib.

Why is the SMS number not 966 number?

The +18176685644 number allows us to use an automated system to receive your SMS and add your order for completion in the slaughterhouse. This automated system allows us to manage the large volume of orders in a convenient manner and allow you to have timely notifications of your order status. SMS to this number will have similar rates as local messages.

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